Development of Next-Generation Solar Cells

Development of Next-Generation Solar Cells

Project Overview

To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, it is necessary to introduce renewable energy sources, including solar power, as much as possible with the aim of using them as primary sources of power. In Japan, where most land is not flat, one way of securing suitable areas for solar power generation is installing next-generation solar cells that can be installed in places where existing photovoltaic cells could not (walls of buildings, factory roofs that can only support small loads, etc.). Installation in such locations, therefore, requires the development of lightweight next-generation solar cells that are flexible enough to be installed on curved surfaces such as walls and which are also comparable to existing photovoltaic cells in terms of performance (conversion efficiency, long-term reliability, etc.).

Through the development of basic technologies for next-generation solar cells (perovskite solar cells) and R&D for realizing technologies for various manufacturing processes (coating processes, electrode formation, and sealing processes) for scaling up products, the aim of this project is to achieve the same electricity costs of 14 yen/kWh or less by 2030 as conventional silicon solar cells.

Project Features

Project for fundamental technology development of next-generation solar cells

For perovskite solar cells, it is necessary to determine the optimum combination of raw materials from among tens of thousands of combinations, improve conversion efficiency, and improve long-term reliability. To create a market for such solar cells, it is also necessary to develop and standardize methods for analyzing and evaluating performance and deterioration factors. R&D will therefore be carried out on the optimum material composition of perovskite solar cells, elemental technologies for conversion efficiency and reliability, and techniques for analysis/evaluation.

Project for practical realization of next-generation solar cells

To realize perovskite solar cell modules with requirements to the form of installation locations, conversion efficiency, reliability, and electricity costs, in addition to utilizing technologies realized from the project of fundamental technology development for next-generation solar cells, R&D will be carried out for realizing elemental technologies for manufacturing processes (coating processes, electrode formation, and sealing processes) for scaling up products.

Project for demonstration of next-generation solar cells

To realize technology for mass production with high quality, technology will be developed to achieve high throughputs and yields as a series of linked production processes for each manufacturing process established in the project for practical realization of next-generation solar cells. In order to verify performance, including installation and construction methods that utilize the lightweight and flexible perovskite solar cells, field demonstrations will be conducted and improvements will be made with the verification results.