Next-generation Storage Battery and Motor Development

Next-generation Storage Battery and Motor Development

Project Implementing Entities

[Research and Development 1-(1)]
Research and development of high-performance storage batteries and materials

Development of next-generation solid-state battery
  • ManagerHonda Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
Establishment of a process for high-performance and low-LCA battery based on ASSB technology
  • Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Development of advanced solid-state batteries
  • GS Yuasa International Ltd.
Development of next-generation storage batteries
  • Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd.
Development of next-generation high-capacity, high-power lithium-ion batteries
  • Mazda Motor Corporation
Development of high-energy density All Polymer Battery
  • APB Corporation
Development and demonstration of high-performance cathode materials for next-generation storage batteries
  • Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
Development of lithium metal anode production technology for next-generation storage batteries
  • ULVAC, Inc.
Development of mass production technology for sulfide-based solid electrolytes
  • Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.
Development of ultra-high ion conductive polymers for next generation storage batteries

[Research and Development 1-(2)]
Development of technology for storage battery recycling

Development and demonstration of storage battery recycling process
  • ManagerSumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
  • Kanto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Development of technology for closed-loop recycling of automotive LiB
  • JX Metals Corporation
Development of a Low Environmental Impact Recycling Process for Electric Vehicle Lithium-ion Batteries
  • ManagerJERA Co., Inc.
Establishment of a battery eco-cycle for low-CO2 recycling
  • Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

[Research and Development 2]
Development of high-efficiency and high-power-density technologies for mobility-related motor systems

Development of high-efficiency electrification systems
  • ManagerHitachi, Ltd.
  • Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.
  • Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd.
  • Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Tohoku Steel Co., Ltd.
Development of high-efficiency and high-power-density Motor system for Mobility
Practical application of low-cost, resource-saving, high-performance traction motors through the development of innovative induction motors
  • Nidec Corporation
Development of compact, lightweight, resource-saving, and high-efficiency electric axles
  • Aichi Steel Corporation