Large-scale Hydrogen Supply Chain Establishment

Large-scale Hydrogen Supply Chain Establishment

Project Implementing Entities

[Research and Development 1]
Establishment of international hydrogen supply chain technology and development of evaluation infrastructure for liquefied hydrogen-related equipment

  • Development and demonstration of larger and more efficient technology for transporting hydrogen, etc.
  • Development of infrastructure for evaluation of liquefied hydrogen-related materials
  • Development of innovative liquefaction, hydrogenation, and dehydrogenation technology
Liquefied Hydrogen Supply Chain Commercialization Demonstration​
  • ManagerJapan Suiso Energy, Ltd.
  • ENEOS Corporation
  • Iwatani Corporation
Large-scale demonstration of an MCH supply chain
  • ENEOS Corporation
Developing a foundation for material evaluations to support R&D on liquefied hydrogen-related equipment
  • National Institute for Materials Science
Development of large-scale high-efficiency machineries for hydrogen liquefiers
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Direct MCH electrosynthesis technology development
  • ENEOS Corporation

[Research and Development 2]
Establishment of technology to achieve hydrogen power generation technology (co-combustion and single-fuel combustion)

  • Demonstration of hydrogen power generation technology at an actual power plant (co-combustion and single -fuel combustion)
Technical validation of Hydrogen Co-firing Thermal Power Generation for establishing a large-scale hydrogen supply chain
  • JERA Co., Inc.
Demonstration of Hydrogen Co-/Exclusive Firing Power Generation
Hydrogen single fueled power generation equipment demonstration
  • ENEOS Corporation